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S.H.Figuarts [Masked Rider W] Masked Rider Skull Crystal (Limited Tamashii WS)

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S.H.Figuarts [Masked Rider W] Masked Rider Skull Crystal (Limited Tamashii WS)

Price : 84.00 67.20 (¥) (You SAVE 20%)
or get this ITEM FOR FREE by exchange with your 208 XCP Point

Manufacturer : Bandai
Character series :
Package type :
S.H. (volumetric) : 0.50 kg
JAN code :
Release date :
Copyright : ©
Product Description S.H.Figuarts Limited Tamashii Web Shouten # 39 - Kamen Rider Skull Crystal :
  • S.H.Figuarts Limited Tamashii Web Shouten # 39 - Kamen Rider Skull Crystal
  • Appereance from Kamen Rider ~ Kamen Rider OOO & W Featuring Skull: Movie Taisen Core
  • The different from previously Skull is the "Crystal Head" and the whole body (black parts) will repaint in mat black colour
  • Approximately 14 cm tall with 16 points of articulation, also come with accessories & parts
  • Exclusive Limited item from Tamashii Web Shop, registration from 17 Dec'10~
  • Price 4.900 yen (include all fee from from Tamashii Web Shop) and release in end May'11
  • Date first available at catalog : 17 Dec'10
  • Preorder by [27 Dec'10] to get 25% off from regular price !!

  • Availability status :
    Availability stock : Currently unavailable
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    Date stock Last update : 2010-12-26

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  • Date product first available at catalog : 2010-12-26
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